Side A

The Colour 55

Side B

Navy Blue

The Colour 55 7” is the first single release offering from the fabulous Beaulieu Porch (Bew-Lee Porch), aka Simon Berry and friends. This symphonic, synth, psych-pop, home grown, magic carpet ride to outer space is your chance to escape into the depths of Berry’s personal psychedelic fantasies. Hidden away somewhere in Salisbury (UK), Berry cooks up his intimate bedroom psych-pop aural entrées for a modern world that cries for a breath of fresh nostalgia peppered with sci-fi sounds of the future.

“The Colour 55” sits somewhere outside of the present, one foot in the jangling tambourines of a distant yesteryear, and the other in the synthetic strings and ghostly space-age backing vocals of a futuristic other world. Sitting on the bones of this classically written song, is the body of a brilliantly constructed time machine of sound. On the flip-side of this 7” inch lives the dreamy loner space folk anthem, “Navy Blue”. The perfectly “swan song-ish” end to this holiday of sound. It is quite a bit more vulnerable than its brother from the other  side. Beginning with a striped down acoustic guitar, that eventually leads the listener into uncharted territory, a bit like a friendly pied piper, leading us inward into the depths of our imagination.

Tucked away inside the sleeve of this 7” is a card that will direct you to download three additional “Phantom Tracks”.

USA & Canada


$6.00 + S&H